Ground Hog Day

Friends will ask me what it’s like to be a Stay-at-Home mom and I my reply is “ground hog day”. You know the Bill Murray movie where he keeps repeating the same day over and over again.  He says the same things, gets asked the same questions and does the same things.  That’s what it is like.

Everyday is the same.  Everyday, every single day…  There are no weekends, or holidays or days off.  I wake up between 6:30-7:30 and that is the start to my day which will end between 9-10:30pm.  My routine is to get the coffee going, because I need coffee.  Answer about 300 questions about what we are going to do before and after school.  If it is summer than more questions because we have more time.  I try to find 3 seconds to pee and then change the baby and deal with any crisis that is happening.

Luckily during the summer I don’t have to pack lunches which as a mom is one of the most dreaded chores around.  There are rules to lunches and it is exhausting.  No peanuts or no nuts, it has to be healthy and if you send your kids with chips forget about it.  You are likely to get a note home from school.  It’s insane.  Made even more fun for me because my kids don’t eat sandwiches.  But, it is summer so no lunches just snack! Wahoo.

In the morning I get the dishwasher started and laundry going because with 6 people in one house those are both constant chores.  The baby is into everything and he can sense when the dishwasher is open so I have to be pretty stealthy.  We bring the big kids to camp and then the little one naps and that is about all the morning I have.

Once the big kids are done with their camp we have playdates and errands that couldn’t be run while the baby is sleeping and more laundry. UGH. Plus trying to find time for reading and math, because you know kids lose so much information for the 10 weeks they are out of school.  You don’t want them to fall behind.  There is not enough time in the day for the kids to just be kids… It is frustrating.

Then on to dinner and bedtime which we have pretty down pat except for the baby.  Nighttime brings its own challenges for another time.  Once everyone is asleep, I might have about 30-45 minutes before I collapse.  Just to do it all again in the morning.

Summer time offers the variety of going to the beach or pool and is a more relaxed schedule.  But all in all days are the same.  It may sound awful, but the days pass and when it is crazy I long for the routine of it. Things change with kids so rapidly that I have to be flexible and just hope that we are making the right decisions.

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